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Our vision is to be a leading organization, reference, and model in disability work that promotes inclusive development and advocacy, empowering organizations for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.



To empower people with disabilities and their families through comprehensive attention for their full inclusion in society and an improved quality of life.


ADISA was created from the experiences of Francisco Sojuel Figueroa, his wife María Argentina Figueroa, and the birth of their third child, Nila Eliza. Their daughter was born with hydrocephalus, a condition whereby water on the brain causes the head to enlarge. Because of their situation, and due to the lack of

three families in Santiago Atitlán. Today, Adisa attends to over one thousand children in Guatemala and is a leading organization in Latin America in defending the rights of people with disabilities. The work started with providing care at the community level in special education and neurological physiotherapy sessions, with the intention to continue integrating other parents into the organization. The programs were formalized through the development of its strategic plan and Adisa obtained legal status as an association on September 12, 2003.

services available for people with disabilities in Santiago Atitlán, they began to contact other parents and organize a support system for children with disabilities. At its founding in 1998, Adisa worked with 


Francisco Sojuel

Adisa was founded in honor of my daughter Nila Eliza who passed away due to her disability. I am passionate about community work, committed to the rights of people with disabilities, and will always work to make this community an inclusive place for everyone. 

Director of Adisa

Juan Francisco Chavajay Sisay

I joined the Adisa family when I was 19 years old. Today, I manage Adisa's programs, helping to coordinate and administrate the projects that we carry out. I joined Adisa to help provide an inclusive community in Santiago so that everyone has equal opportunities and rights. I am a native of Santiago Atitlán and love soccer.

Programs Coordinator

Andrea Sojuel

I coordinate the Healthcare Program at ADISA, organizing activities such as health clinics, surgeries, and therapy, as well as providing mobility solutions and home visits to our users that are unable to travel. I try to give my best every day. I have a 4-year-old daughter, I enjoy the outdoors, and I love coffee.

Healthcare Program Coordinator

Cailin Campbell

I am a volunteer native to Boston, Massachusetts USA and I am working at Adisa through a year-long fellowship program called Princeton in Latin America. I work in development, meaning that I am primarily responsible for Adisa's communications, fundraising, and social media efforts. I am honored to be working with an amazing team of dedicated and passionate individuals and looking forward to learning more about this wonderful organization. 

Development Coordinator

Rosy Sisay

I have lived in Santiago Atitlán all my life and have been working with Adisa for the past 2 years. I work in accounting as an assistant, helping to manage the accounts and budget for the association. I enjoy the company of my coworkers and I love shopping.

Accounting Assistant

Brandon Dylan Sitan Ramírez

I am from Cerro de Oro, Santiago Atitlán and I volunteer in Adisa's inclusive education program, supporting Adisa's special education program in the development of children's everyday cognitive and motor functions. I like to work with kids because there is no better gift than their smiles. I also really love learning sign language.

Inclusive Education

Salvador Vasquéz Sol

I work as an inclusive education teacher in Adisa, attending to three children in the small towns of Chacaya and Tzanchaj. Each week, I visit these kids in their homes to provide home-schooling.  I enjoy helping and supporting kids in their learning and it makes me happy to see their progress. 

Inclusive Education Teacher

Jennifer Hurtarte

Hello! My name is Jenni, I am from Guatemala City and am a physical therapist from the University of San Carlos. At Adisa,  I work with children, young people, and adults in physical therapy. I am very happy and grateful to god to be part of this wonderful team. In my free time, I like to go out and enjoy spending time with my family. 

Physical Therapist

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Mirna Lemus

I am originally from Guatemala City but I now live in San Lucas Tolimán. My work at Adisa consists of coordinating the Ponseti Method project, training medical professionals across Guatemala to recognize and treat clubfoot through a non-invasive method. You can read about this project here. I have been a part of the Adisa family for 12 years, originally working as a volunteer. I also love to play basketball!

Ponseti Method Coordinator

Mauricio Mogollón

I am excited and enthused to be able to be a part of this organization and surrounded by people with big hearts and great commitment. I believe passionately in Adisa's work and will give all that I can to achieve a more just society for people with disabilities and their families through my work in organizational development.

Organizational Developer

Alicia Ixbalán

I work in administration at Adisa. Five years ago, I began working with Adisa as a volunteer in our employment program with the young entrepreneurs (Adisa's Artisans). To be a part of the Adisa family is one of the most important things that has happened to me. Getting to know such talented and unique people has made me see life from a different perspective.

Administration Secretary

Hector Manuel Garcia

Hello! My name is Hector and I provide accounting and transportation services at Adisa. The most important thing about my job is seeing the smiles of the children to which we attend.

Accounting Assistant

Anelvi Mogollon Hernandez

I work in healthcare and my main work at Adisa is providing checkups and support for our users that depend on our healthcare services. The most exciting part of my job is working with Argos (Adisa's therapy dog) and enjoying his loving company. I love my work with Adisa and, in my spare time, I play with my dog and bunny that keep me company at home. 

Healthcare Program Developer

Holy Mendoza

I am originally from Sololá and I now live and work in Santiago Atitlán with Adisa. I work in our healthcare program as a psychologist. I starting working at Adisa originally as a volunteer, then as an early intervention teacher, and now as a psychologist. I love art, basketball, and music.


Deysi Mendoza

Hello! I work as an auditory, speech, and language therapist with Adisa. I help kids and adults with varying speech difficulties, improving their communication skills. I love helping other people, reading, and traveling.  

Speech Therapist

Nicolasa Esquina

I am a native of the municipality of Santiago Atitlán. I have been a part of the Adisa family for 9 years and am currently working in inclusive education as a home teacher. Once a week, I travel to the homes of students with disabilities to teach basic reading, writing, and math. I also visit public and private schools to learn about and evaluate the academic achievements of each student.

Home Teacher

Johana Sojuel

Hello, you can call me Jany. I was born and live in Santiago Atitlán and I am an Early Intervention Teacher at Adisa. Since I was young, I have seen how Adisa has grown and helped many people and, ever since then, I have wanted to be a part of it. Now that I have the opportunity to do my part, I am happy. I enjoy life very much and, above all, I like to swim. 

Early Intervention Teacher


I enjoy playing with the kids, eating avocados, exploring, and sleeping. 

Therapy Dog

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