Opening her hands and lifting her head


Cecilia is a nine-year-old girl that enjoys playing with her older sister and neighbors, as well as singing and listening to new sounds. In particular, she finds amusement in loud noises, comments Alfredo, the physical therapist that works with Cecilia every week. “When ADISA arrived to put together her wheelchair, there was a lot of loud hammering, which made Cecilia laugh a lot.”

Cecilia was born premature, at six months by means of a C-section. “She wasn’t ready yet,” says Mom. Moments after her birth, she was transferred to Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, where she spent two months in an incubator. During this time, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.


Upon returning to Santiago Atitlán, Cecilia’s parents brought her to the Hospitalito Atitlán for a consult and the doctors there recommended that they take advantage of the services at ADISA.


When she arrived at ADISA for the first time, Cecilia was a-year-old and she could not open her hands; they were always closed tightly in fists. In addition to receiving a wheelchair, Cecilia participates in our medical follow-up, physical therapy, and early intervention programs. Now, she can open her hands and she reaches to touch and pick up objects.


Her family has observed notable improvements from the therapies that ADISA provides. Cecilia now tries to lift her head. Her mother explains, “In her arms, we have seen the greatest progress and in her legs too. Before, they always remained in the same position, but now she moves them.”


She still does not have control of her head but not long ago, she began to lift her head when stimulated, when someone pushes on her shoulders. Now, her mother is helping to stimulate her when she is sitting in her chair so that she continues to strengthen her neck muscles.


Alfredo has begun working with Cecilia outside and is encouraging her mother to take her outside more as well. Even though Cecilia spends most of her time in the house, her sister explains that they enjoy bringing her to her grandmother’s house to eat with the entire family.


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