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Part of our national network and supports us in the implementation of projects.

Provides mobility solutions such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and stabilizers for Adisa's users. 

Network of organizations for people with disabilities in the department of Sololá. Adisa actively participates and is one of the founders of this org.

Supports children and adults in psychomotoric education, a practice that combines physical therapy with psychology to support personal development.

A group of young men and women artisans with disabilities that run their own business. Founded by Adisa in 2006.

US-based 501c organization who's online platform helps us fundraise and connect with volunteers.

US-based organization that partners with local NGO's to place highly qualified recent college graduates in year-long service fellowships in Latin-America.

Online crowdfunding platform that has helped Adisa raise over $7,000 by connecting with international donors.

Governing body of disability services in Guatemala. Adisa is an active member.

Supports the monitoring and check-ups of Adisa users with psychosocial disabilities.

Works to promote inclusive education in Santiago Atitlán.

 Supports in including people with disabilities in an inclusive health care model and in the treatment of clubfoot in Guatemala.

Works with Adisa to provide long-term professional volunteers from Japan.

Works with Adisa to provide basic, affordable and reliable housing to Adisa's users and their families so that they can live comfortably.


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