• Physical and language therapy: offered to children, young people and adults who need this support both in the municipality of Santiago Atitlán, as well as in San Lucas Tolimán

  • Medicines: Provide anticonvulsant medicines with users and people of the community at low cost

  • Assisted therapy with animals: When a child with a disability requires more support, he/she is provided with a dog and specialized trainer. Support our assisted animal therapy program here!

  • Assistive devices: Provides people with disabilities with wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, walking sticks, hearing aids, and prostheses

  • Clinical follow-up program: Supports ADISA users and their families by connecting them with medical and diagnostic specialists who provide patients support in Neurology, orthopedics, means of diagnosis, medications, etc.

  • Clubfoot treatment: Adisa partners with Guatemala’s Ministry of Health to train nurses, traumatologists, and physical therapists in 6 different departments of Guatemala to treat clubfoot using the Ponseti Method. This method is a non-invasive treatment that allows children to overcome their disability and learn to walk normally. With the standardization of the Ponseti Method throughout Guatemala, we can correct clubfoot at an early age so that our children can live a life free of physical limitation.



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