Finding happiness


Problems at home brought Natalia and her three children to ADISA for the first time, looking for psychological services. Things weren’t easy at home and the two daughters had attempted to commit suicide. Therefore, in January, a friend at church, staff at the Health Center, and teachers at school recommended that they go to ADISA, that ADISA could help them.

Upon arriving at ADISA, Joel started receiving other services as well. Joel was born with heart problems and his development was delayed. He is now in our health program, awaiting glasses to improve his vision, in language therapy because of his hearing loss, and in psychological therapy like his mother and sisters.


After a few months of therapy, the children’s character has changed. They now feel freer and calmer, Natalia comments. Josefa is studying, Joel loves to play soccer when he’s not studying, and Rosa is always outside, playing with her friends.


The mother has also achieved a lot through therapy. She explains:

The therapies have helped me. I am living through a complicated situation and the therapies are serving as a distraction. I am finding purpose in life. Sometimes I feel happy. Before arriving at ADISA, I was never happy or calm. Now I feel better, I can focus on the things that are happening to my children. I now know what my children need. But, before coming to ADISA, I didn’t know because I was very sick.


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