Walking and listening to music


José, a young, three-year-old boy, doesn’t get too excited about toys but he loves to listen to music. Deysi, ADISA’s language therapist recommended that his parents play music for him on their phones so that he would start to recognize and understand more words and this is what he has most enjoyed, his mother comments. “Now, he only wants to listen to music on the cellphone,” she says. Even though he still doesn’t speak, José can signal things, and by means of language therapy, he understands more words.

When he was three months old, José started to sick, his throat was constantly sore and, when he turned a year old, he still had the same cough with phlegm. Additionally, when he turned two-years-old, he had yet to start walking. As a result, Doctor Walter, and later the Health Center staff recommended that José go to ADISA for therapy. After a year and half of physical therapy with Andrea in ADISA, José took his first steps.


He needs to continue with his therapies because he still lacks sufficient strength in his legs to run and climb up and down the stairs himself, as his brothers do. His father explains that when his other two sons want to do something, they do it, but José does not.


José can get down from the bed on his own but he still often relies on his parents to sit up, stand up, and move around. Yet, he loves to walk.


“Instead of playing, he walks. If we go out around town, he walks.”

He didn’t walk before we came to ADISA. The greatest impact is that he now walks. What we most hope for this year is that he talks. Before he always had his mouth wide open, but now he can close it a bit more. He just needs to talk.


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