Ramping Up Efforts to Get Juanito to School

Juanito's house lies at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs and at the end of a maze of narrow winding paths, some of which are overhung with vegetation. It's hard enough to reach if you can walk - and impossible for 18-year-old Juanito in his wheelchair.

He can't leave home unless his father or brother carries him up to the road where he parks his electric wheelchair. Juanito has long dreamed of going to secondary school by himself. But with his family already struggling to make ends meet, that always seemed like a pipe dream

Now it's about to become reality thanks to the generous support of ADISA's donors. On November 15, a team of builders and volunteers started work on a ramp leading from the road to Juanito's home. What will look like a pile of concrete to some will be life-changing for Juanito.

¨It means a lot because it will enable me to leave the house by myself,¨ he said. ¨I'll gain independence - I've always wanted to study and do things on my own and this will really help.¨

Construction in Progress!

The concrete foundation has been set and soon Juanito will be leaving his house on his own. A big thank you to everyone that has supported this project! 


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