Overcoming psychomotor delays bit by bit: Maria's Story

Three-year-old Maria was born two months prematurely and suffers from psychomotor retardation. Until recently she was not able to walk, hold her head up or track with her eyes. She always seemed sad too.


But when she was nine months old Maria´s parents enrolled her at Adisa and she began a program of weekly physical, speech and early intervention therapy.


Since then, Maria has changed beyond recognition. She wanders around the house smiling and has more physical control over her body - she can now support her neck independently.


"I've seen her life totally change," her mother Dolores said. "She's definitely happier now she can walk and she is able to do more things and explore - she´s very inquisitive."


Although Maria still can't talk or hear very well, she loves to communicate by waving at everyone who passes her house. And with the quick progress Maria has made so far, her mother has high hopes for her future.


"I hope she'll keep getting better at walking, listening and speaking because I want her to study at school," Dolores said. "Thanks to Adisa I know that will be possible."


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