Advancing at school and at home


Milca, a happy thirteen-year-old and a huge Frozen fan, was a healthy, good, normal baby, her mother recalls, but when she was two and a half years old, she caught a fever and later suffered seizures. They brought her to Hospitalito Atitlán and from there she was brought to Sololá and later Guatemala City, where she was hospitalized for 15 days.

After many brain exams, they decided that surgery was not necessary, but Milca could no longer stand up or move her hands. The doctor recommended that they look for an organization that offered physical therapy and that’s when they first arrived at ADISA.

Now, Milca participates in the majority of our programs. In addition to physical therapy, she is in our animal-assisted therapy, psychology, hydrotherapy, and inclusive education programs.


Milca loves to play with Argos during her animal-assisted therapy session. She also enjoys participating in hydrotherapy when the water isn’t too cold and attending the adolescent workshops with friends. “She likes to go to ADISA. She never wants to miss therapy,” says Mom.

In Inclusive Education, Nicolasa visits Milca at home to provide academic support. Milca explains that they are currently practicing multiplication and reading. She most enjoys the logic games that Nicolasa brings and her mom comments that she has observed a lot of progress in Milca’s studies.


Milca likes to go to school and she gets along well with her classmates. Her teacher gives her a lot of homework but she always completes it. In her free time, she plays with her younger sister and helps her mom out around the house. “Milca has made a lot of advances. She can now make her bed by herself.”

I appreciate the support that ADISA is providing her. There was a situation at school and the education team intervened, spoke with the teachers, and helped Milca. Thank you.


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