Beginning to walk


Roberto, a five-year-old boy, lights up talking about Santiago Atitlán's fair. He is already counting down the days until he gets to ride the Ferris wheel again. In addition to the fair, Roberto enjoys playing ball, playing with toy cars, and spending time with his family, especially his cousins. 

During her seventh month, the mother realized that she was pregnant with Roberto. Beforehand, she had been very depressed, mourning the loss of her 17-year-old son, but after learning that she would have another child, she began to take better care of herself again. 


Even though the mother did not eat much during the pregnancy, when Roberto was born in the Community Health Center, he was of healthy weight. Everything was normal but he did have an extra finger and the doctors wanted him to travel to the hospital in Sololá to have it removed. Roberto's mother thought that it would be too expensive and, without the support of her husband, she was afraid that she would not be able to afford the operation. She also feared that Roberto would die during surgery and she could not bear to lose another son. Therefore,  Roberto still has an extra finger. 


During his first year, the staff at the Community Health Center visited Roberto frequently to track his weight and everything seemed normal, but a year passed and he still could not walk. Then, two years passed, and he still could not walk and his mother began to seek help.


However, since she had heard that she would need to pay for Adisa's services, it took her a while to finally arrive at Adisa. In fact, just a few months ago, not long after Roberto turned five-years-old, they arrived at Adisa for the first time. 


Upon arriving at Adisa, Andrea and Micayla informed them that they did not have to pay anything and Roberto joined our Healthcare and Early Intervention programs.

Now he can move a bit on his own and he is beginning to take small steps on his own. He can do a lot of things on his own, like play on his own, but what we want most is for him to be able to walk.  


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