Walking, talking, and studying


Sheyla, a happy, six-year-old girl, enjoys painting, cutting shapes with her sicissors, and watching TV.  She also plays well her two younger sisters and her classmates, her mother shares. 

When she was born, everything was good, but her mother could not breastfeed at first and Sheyla was hospitalized for dehydration for two days, until she improved and returned home. However, when she was six-months-old, Sheyla began to have seizures. 


Her aunt had worked at ADISA and recommended that they bring Sheyla there. The same day that Sheyla arrived at ADISA for the first time, she had another seizure and they immediately brought her to the Hospitalito. From there, they traveled to the capital, where Sheyla received the necessary exams. Later, the doctor prescribed a medication that Sheyla took for four years, and now, fortunately, she is no longer seizing. 


Despite the fact that her development was delayed by the seizures, Sheyla began walking at age four. She still has a hard time pronouncing certain words, but that's why she is in language therapy with Deysi.

Sheyla began in the medical follow-up and early intervention programs at ADISA, but now she participates in inclusive education, psychology, and language therapy. 

She has evolved well in ADISA. The therapies she has received have worked well for her. She has already made advances. Two years ago, she was beginning to talk little by little but the therapies that she is participating in now have helped her a lot.  ADISA has helped us enormously.

Sheyla's parents also participate in activities at ADISA.


“We have participated in ADISA's family and parent activities. Sometimes there are chats about how to help children when they have a seizure. They help you a lot."


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