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In Santiago Atitlán, children with disabilities don't have access to basic medical care. They are discriminated against, suffer from malnutrition, and can't get the medical attention they need. In the last year, many families have come to Adisa for help but without the funding, these children do not receive adequate care. They need your support. 

Your donation directly supports the urgent needs of a child: 


Doctor visits, medicines, surgeries & exams


Food, clothing, diapers, & nutritional supplements


Prosthetics, glasses, hearing aids & other mobility solutions


Books, backpacks, transportation & school supplies


Noemi is seven years old and lives in the small community of Quixaya in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. She was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and only a few days after birth, doctors had to install a valve to drain liquid out of her head.


When she was little, her parents always took her to checkups and therapy appointments, but when she was just five years old, her parents were assaulted on their way home from work. Tragically, they passed away in the hospital due to the severity of their injuries.


Since then, Noemi’s aunt has been alone in taking care of her. She often gets sad when she remembers her parents are no longer with her and is not supported like she was a few years ago. Noemi needs special orthopedic support to gain stability in her legs and learn to walk but her aunt does not have the money to buy the equipment.

Despite her hardships, Noemi is a joyful and talkative child. She is in second grade this year, and loves coloring books, going to school, and puzzles.

How does sponsoring a child work?

Choose a giving level

Sign up for a monthly gift of $50, $30, or $15 or give a yearly donation of $600, $360, or $180. Your gift is pooled with the contributions of other sponsors to make a larger impact in the community. 


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Get matched with a child

Once you sign up with your email address, Adisa will match you with a child in need. We will send your their story and photo and keep you in the loop on their progress. You will also receive a special email on their birthday!

Make an impact

Adisa's multidisciplinary team of social workers psychologists, physical therapists, and educators will work together to create a personalized plan that will help each child reach their potential. Your gift provides your child and their community with life-changing opportunities.

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