Running water for 45 students with disabilities in Cerro de Oro

Students from the special education school in Cerro de Oro.

In Cerro de Oro, a small community 20 minutes outside of Santiago Atitlán, construction is under way to build a special education school for students with disabilities. The much needed new facility will provide classrooms, therapy rooms, and offices for the full time staff devoted to the education of people with disabilities. 

New special education school in Cerro de Oro. They begin classes at their new school the 15th of January, 2018.

Although the school is already construction, the funds have not yet been raised to provide running water in the schoolhouse. Students will depend on this resource to use bathrooms, wash their hands, and even take showers (many students don't have access to running water in their homes). Help us build a fresh water tank for these students!

Example water tank from a different facility in Cerro de Oro. This is what the new water system will look like when it is completed.

Foundation for the water tank at the new school.


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